Manitoba Career Prospects

Manitoba Career Prospects

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3rd Floor, Exhibit Hall

Parents & Students- Join Us!

The lifelong process of career development begins early. You can help your son or daughter along the path to a successful career at any age by checking out some of the diverse and rewarding careers available in Manitoba. Talk with any of the Career Experts from the Sector Councils.

Manitoba Career Prospects will have representatives to help you find out more about their industry.

Today’s students will have multiple careers over the span of their working years. To be successful, they will need to understand new technologies and solcial and organizational systems Learning in school becomes more effective and relevant if students can see where their education might lead in the future.

Although career awareness and planning activities occur in Manitoba schools, research shows students are more successful if parents and schools work together. Your kids need you.

3 Ways to Help Your Child with their Career Paths

Explore the many career opportunities available to your child. Talk to them about what they are interested in and what fields they like to get more information about.

Be connected with all relevant parties, including your child and their school counsellor or teacher.

Get engaged in the process. Speak to a wide variety of industry experts from Manitoba’s leading and emerging industry sectors.


Remember: along any journey there are always unexpected turns, pit stops and even a few speeding tickets! You can use these stories from your own life as an opportunity to have your son or daughter think about their own plans.
– Canada Career Information Partnership